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Isabel (Rica) and Clara (Maui), two childhood friends separated by fate. Isabel is a naive provincial lass who works as an indigenous fabric weaver while Clara is the liberated city girl. Clara has gone wild after her mother runs off with another man. The two meet after years of separation when Clara returns to the barrio to visit her father, Roman (Ricky Davao). But their cultural difference further separates them as Lando (Antonio Aquitania), Isabel's boyfriend, enters into the picture. Lando, frustrated with Isabel's conservatism and idealism, turns his attention to Clara, which irked Isabel. Isabel, in turn, seduces Clara's father. Lando, after knowing the situation, attempted to kill Roman.

Sexy Footages From Pinoy Movies Vol 2

The second volume of never-been-seen cuts from recent & vintage pinoy films!

Sexy Footages From Pinoy Movies Vol 1

A collection of never-been-seen cuts from recent & vintage pinoy films!


Selosa played by Rosanna Roces is a story about love, jealousy and obsession. Patrick Guzman as the boyfriend who believes that the best way to keep his woman's love is to make her jealous. Emilio Garcia as the hired boyfriend, and the equally daring Lara Morena as the other woman.


Sikil tells the story of two men and a woman who are involved in a bizarre love triangle. These three friends grew up in a small town south of Manila. Ken Escudero plays Enzo, a young closet gay prostitute who's obsessed with his childhood friend (Wil Sandejas) who happens to be a call-boy and has a girlfriend (played by Ashley Silverio). Other interesting characters are the bi-sexual pimp (Ethan Javier), a regular bathhouse customer (Marty Mendoza), and a sampaguita vendor-pickpocket-shoplifter and caretaker of Adong's daughter (Corrine Concepcion).


Tiffany, a young and confused artist finds inspiration in Edong, a handsome talong farmer. Tiffany bumps into Edong one evening in a public market but loses him during that first meeting. In a Cinderella twist, Edong leaves behind an enormous talong which tiffany uses to track down her Prince Charming.


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Elaine (Katya Santos) and orly (Raymond Bagatsing) are a young couple whose marriage is in shambles because of a dysfunctional sex life. He works as a delivery van driver during the day while she works as a tollbooth clerk at night... each one barely having time for the other. But while Orly finds solace in the routine, Elaine feels trapped. Until she meets Miguel (Carlo Maceda), a young playboy, who introduces her to an exciting and exhilarating world that liberates her from an otherwise boring existence. With each sexual encounter, Elaine becomes more daring, matching Miguel's appetite for life and sex. What starts out as a game of pleasure turns out to be an experience that will change their lives forever.


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Delsa (Angela Antonio) does her work as a sewer in a garments factory where even the visits to the comfort room is regulated. Her husband and child passed away in a traumatic stampede some years ago and she now lives alone in a small room in a squatter's area in Quezon City. Her routine is to wake up each morning, go to work, come home, make rags out of pieces of cloth she gets from the factory, cry over the loss of her family, and open her door to her neighbor Lena (Ynez Veneracion) who runs to her every time she is beaten by her husband Ray-an Dulay. Lena is a former dancer who does laundry to earn a living for her husband and herself. She understands that her husband Ray-an has been trying to find a job but he seems to be running out on luck. This misfortune hits Lena too as she becomes an outlet for Ray-an's frustrations. Lena is abused as a wife, both sexually and physically. Delsa and Lena live in a compound composed of frustrated, desperate, angry city dwellers jaded by the harshness of urban living. They are trapped in the oppressive states of their work and family lives. Retaso is the story of two women who think that together they can be strong enough to escape everything. But only when the two become one, can they truly be free...

Photo Shoot

Ito ay isang kwento ng photoshoot sa isang lumangbahay na pag-aari ng isang biyuda. Inalok ng photoshoot director ang magandang biyuda na gamitin ang kanyang bahay para sa kanilang photoshoot. Ngunit lingid sa kaalaman ng director ito ay nababalot sa misteryo at kahiwagaan.

Dahil sa tangng ganda at alindog ng biyuda, naakit ang photographer dito. Mula sa kanyang pagnanansa, nauwi ito sa isang mainit na relasyon kasama ang may-ari ng bahay.

Subalit, hindi lamang ang lumang bahay ang may tinatagong sikreto. Panoorin ang kaganapan sa Photoshoot.


Jake is a caretaker of a boarding residence that houses a whole array of characters-- a born-again couple with an addiction to porn movies, a nymphet masquerading as a shy school girl, a virgin discovering her lustful predilections. Through the holes he has carved on the ceiling, with surreptitious perfection, Jake become privy to their most intimate and darkest secrets. Keeping a watchful eye on these people is not just a means to satisfy his carnal curiosity. It is an addiction that makes him feel like a god.

But one day, his life changes when he hovers over the lives of newlyweds Cecilia and Ding, her husband. While his eyes feast on the couple's sexual encounters, Jake develops a connection with Cecilia that he has never experienced before. For the first time, here is a woman who has shown him the real meaning of beauty. However, one night he takes on a careless turn triggering an accident that will eventually set a confrontation with Cecilia.

Patricia Javier: Barenaked

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PLAY IT, WORK IT, GIVE IT... Patricia DOES it! Patricia is erotic. She is the mistress of the art of sex and seduction. Watch the ultimate sex goddess transform herself as she fulfills fourteen of men's hottest fantacies. Let her bring you to the climax of sensuality. See the wild, wilder and wildest side of patricia in a revelation meant only for private viewing and appreciation.

- The Art of Undressing
- Shower Song
- Living Artwork
- Girl on Girl Billiards
- Tractor Scene
- Kama Sutra
- Sunbathing - Massage I
- Threesome (Massage 2)
- Fashion Editorial
- Poolside
- Glow in the Dark
- Voyeurism
- Naked Beach


Starlet Brigitte de Joya stars in this ST film about a seemingly harmless vegetable. It takes you to a town where poverty and sexual perversion are the norms.

Private Parts

Get ready for a bare-all show with the sexy musical-comedy stage play Private Parts. Featuring Hotbabe ng Bayan Maui Taylor and her male counterpart, Hotman ng Bayan Allen Dizon, Private Parts depicts the many facets of a man and his relationships with various women. Serios at times but often hilarious, and spiced with rousing musical numbers, Private Parts shows the many foibles of men and women in their desperate pursuit of happiness.


A roving salesman takes his wife to settle in a desolate farm, and they're in married bliss for a time?until a woman full of mystery disrupts the couple's otherwise peaceful relationship. The two women actually become best friends, but the young wife soon gets suspicions that her husband and the secretive neighbor are carrying on an illicit affair. Who will shed tears, and who will shed blood, in these entanglements?


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Sisid is a sexy movie starring Assunta de Rossi. Also starring Rodel Velayo and Flora Gasser

Hot Babes Gone Wild With Mo Twister

Mo Twister dares the babes to do the most outrageous, most shocking and most wild challenges ever to be set upon them. These unbridled feats will determine who is ultimately the hottest babe in the land.

SEB, Cyber Game Of Love

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SEB Cyber Game of Love is a movie of our generation showcasing the lives of the people searching for love through the internet. SEB is collection of short stories of sacrifice for love, acceptance and intense desire to find the right one in the cyber world

Ms Kristina Moran, Babaeng Palaban

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Tina (Rosanna) is a nightclub star performer whose dream is to one day make it big.

Her desire for fame and fortune leads her to a string of exciting sexcapades with a variety of men.

There's the brusque taxi driver-lover Armando; Billy the virginal soon-to-be groom; the rich libidous Congressman Manibog, and; Romy, the ever faithful prince charming from the province.

A hot, hilarious movie that will keep you laughing and asking for more.


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Set in Philippine post-American colonialist era, where the American influence was still apparent, Ilusyon tells the story of Miguel, a young man from the countryside, who decides to visit his father, Pablo, a Modernist painter in Manila. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his father has decided to leave for the province but he opted to stay in Manila for a vacation. One day, he meets Stella, a nude model originally scheduled to pose for Miguel's father. Struck by her beauty, Miguel does the unthinkable - he pretends to be his father the painter. Developing a relationship based on a lie, things turn for the worse as Stella begets a strange skin disease that turns off Miguel. Surrounded by strange characters - a talking cow, a talkative mailman and a nosy landlady - Miguel is driven into a frenzy realization about beauty, lust, love and being true to oneself. An ambiguous ending underlines the surreal tone of the film.

Room Service

Two lovers, thirsty for sex... clash in one story to build an intense passion for love and aspiration.


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Made destitute by the eruption of Mt Pinatubo, Karen decides to work as an insurance underwriter by day and GRO in a club by night.

In between, she beds men she meets at the club so they would buy insurance coverage.

Things are going well until she fell in love with one of her regualrs.

From thereon, it was downhill for her...


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A tragic affair that results from a love triangle among two innocent women and a ruthless man. click here


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The story of Celia and her family whose source of income is cooking and selling malagkit. Celia was forced to marry Igme whom her parents got indebted to although she is still emotionally attached to the another man she loves.


Rex and Rica are G.I. babies born to American fathers they never knew. Raised by a rich, gay adoptive father, Rex grew up feeling worthless and alone. Rica was brought up by an arrogant aunt who always makes her feel like she's a good for nothing bitch. One day, his foster father is killed, and Rex is accused of the crime. Rica, on the other hand, flees from her cruel aunt. Their paths cross as they both try to escape their predicaments. Crime and passion draw them to each other, and the thrill of it all drives them to yearn for more. But truth has its way of signifying itself: the day comes when they both learn that they have the same father...

Santa Santita

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This film explores the theme of the biblical Magdalene - the prostitute who becomes a saint. This modern-day Magdalene story is about a very young and sinful girl who is suddenly confronted by the evil in her life when she receives the stigmata in her dreams.

Alyas Bomba Queen

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Like ordinary people, Sylvia, Arnel and Vangie have dreams they want to realize. But the harsh realities of life prevented these simple people from achieving their goals. Poverty has pushed them to work in a pub and sell themselves to strangers who long for pleasures of the flesh. They thought life was hopeless until the offer to start in a movie came. Now they will experience how it is to be compensated properly. But all their hopes wither as they face an unexpected end.

Ang Kabit ni Mrs. Montero

Cal Montero, a wealthy filmmaker recently paralyzed from the waist down, goes to his hacienda in Negros for recovery and physical therapy. He's morose, but tries to stay in full control. Annie, his therapist, works each of his joints and may have designs on replacing Cal's wife, Gail. Gail is looking for tenderness, and finds it in the shack of Satur, one of the hacienda's workers. Cal and Annie set a spy on Gail, Gail wants to return to Manila to find a job, and unfaithfulness could spark violence.

Ang Lalaki Sa Buhay Ni Selya

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Selya is disappointed with Bobby who only wants sex but no real relationship nor marriage. So she leaves and decides to marry the gay Ramon who, she is convinced, is definitely different.


Annie, an alluring lady, catches the eye of old widower Leoncio. The old man marries her after a short period of acquaintance. Leoncio's son Robert and daughter Marites disapprove of their father's single-handed decision, leading to a conflict that causes the old man's fatal heart attack. After Leoncio's death, Robert feels terribly sorry for Annie especially when he discovers that she is suffering from schizophrenia. Soon, Annie's condition helps Leoncio's children realize the essence of a family.

Balahibong Pusa

Sarah (Joyce) is not happy about the idea of her mother Vivian (Elizabeth) getting married to Michael (Julio Diaz). But when she confronts her and Vivian describes how happy she is, Sarah eventually gives her consent. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. She feels that Michael desires her but is helpless because he has earned Vivian's trust that Vivian even goes out of her way to make the two comfortable with each other. All these Sarah confides to her 'special friend' Nick (Jay M analo) with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of. Ironic but Nick also happens to be a mechanic at Michael's shop and is at the same time seeing Becky (Rica). What Michael witnesses one fateful night turns out to be a revelation which eventually decides their fate...

Balat Sibuyas

Diana and Lilia are half sisters, Lilia is their father?s favorite and Diana hates her for this. So while Lilia seems to have it all, Diana is left doing household chores and helping in their plantation. More complications arise when they both fall in love with the same guy. Determined to win the guy over and to have Lilia pay for her abused childhood, Diana decides to turn her sisters live into a living hell.

Bedtime Stories

A film that explores the dark and bizarre possibilities of love and relationship, starring one of the fast rising sexy actresses, Maricar de Mesa, and silver screen heartthrob Wendell Ramos. The movie depicts the plight of a woman as she is empowered in a world where discrimination and violence against women persist. A trilogy about desire, obsession and ultimately redemption.

Bridal Shower

This is the story of three friends, Sonia, Tates, and Katie, who all work in an advertising agency. The filmfollows the three women's search for happiness as they move around the dizzying world of advertising and as they confront the most important issues of their lives: sex, love and marriage. Sonia has two lovers-- a struggling painter whom she loves and a well-to-do rich kid who provides her the prospect of a secure future. When she gets pregnant, she is compelled to choose between the two.

Bugbog Sarado: Mas Masarap Pag Masakit

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The story opens with Brandon and Shy, negotiating for a lease of an old room owned by Stella.

Brix, a travelling salesman and Stella's live-in partner deals with the couple in behalf of the landlady.

Little do they know that inside the mysterious house lies a perplexed truth.

One night, Brandon is awakened by muffled sounds of screams and sobs. Recognizing it as Stella's voice, Shy restrains him from going to the master's bedroom to check.

As the days go by, more noises emanate from the bedroom.

After finding Stella emerge with fresh bruises, Brando becomes more curious to know the deeper indignities of the abuse.

At one point, Brandon unwittingly becomes witness to Stella's bedroom torments, and a series of puzzling slay and murder takes place.

"Bugbog Sarado" shapes up the frames of sadism and masochism.

It intensified the sounds of pain and protest in discovering the real encounters inside the bedroom of abused women.

Co-ed Scandal

The Co-Ed Scandal: two girl and a boy of barely legal age are caught having sex on tape. Who are they? Why did they do it? Where are they now?

The film draws answers from the urban legends that grew around the controversial sex videos and the result is a humorous narrative with elements of mock documetary.

Leo is a 21-year-old co-ed student in a prestigious college. He dreams of making a starring in his own "dirty movie" and becomes obsessed with the idea. Leo eggs his girlfriend Claire to be part of the video. She hesitates but gives in to the idea soon enough, when she finds her most compelling reason in the person of a sexy girl named Miles.

Generally perceived as a tragic event, the Co-Ed Scandal is viewed through the film from multiple perspectives, ennobling the idea of beauty--and tragedy-- as something that ultimately resides in the eye of the beholder.

Divino: Anak ni Totoy Mola

Divino: Anak ni Totoy Mola


A member of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, Gene (Albert) is a reluctant criminal. A hoodlum with a big heart, he treats his victims with kindness. Gene gets into a passionate affair with Dolor (Sunshine), a former bar girl who is now a kept woman of a rich man who beats her. Both Gene and Dolor plan to escape: he from the syndicate, and she from her cruel lover. Their chance comes when the syndicate's operation is busted by the police. Pursued by cops, Gene flees with DOlor, who has unint entionally killed her lover. But every crime has its corresponding punishment, and soon, Gene is fatally wounded in a gunfight...

First Time

Watch as three young temptresses seduce their way to your home and tell you their hot first time experiences. Jane (Hernandez) is a working student whose sexual fantasy is fulfilled when the man of her dreams gives her the most passionate night of her life. She is in bliss until her friends uncover a secret she has kept within her. Withdrawn and confused, Cris's (Garci) sexual fantasies fascinate and repel her. She never gives in to these illusions until she meets an eccentric artist who shows her the thrill of doing something as extraordinary as her fantasies. Skilled flirt Dianne (Rosendahl) plays the field to hide her fear of commitment. But flirty as she is, she vows not to go all the way, insisting her first time has to be special. Three sizzling stories about lust and sexual awakening from the three hottest babes in town.

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