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Tagalog Movie

Maharot, a teasing love story of naughty girl named Cecil (Kuhdet Honasan).

The story heightened when Venel (Clark Concepcion), the soldier lover of Cecil, was assigned in Mindanao for a military mission.

Days passed by, with the absence of his girlfriend's caring heart, he seeks sexual passion and attention with another lass... leaving Cecil with a broken heart and unfulfilled promises.

Because of shattered vows, Cecil seeks affection in the persona of Venel's younger brother, James (Jon Romano) and had a forbidden relationship with a policeman in their town.

After a couple of years Venel returned to his hometown wanting to resolve all the troubles he left, he found Cecil's discreet and unfaithful relationships with different men leading him to a discovery of sexual diversion.

* Kuhdet Honasan
* Jon Romano
* Clark Concepcion

Kalakal Pinoy Movie

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Tagalog Movie

Kalakal is a story about the disturbing truth on living in a poor neighborhood and the extremities that people can do to make ends meet.

This unvaryingly demonstrates how people will trade their dignity and principles in exchange of nurturing life's vanities whether it would be satisfying physical needs leading to human trafficking and violence, or just plainly get a hold of someone's decision on money by using seduction.

Thus, we're taught that we reap whatever it is that we invest in life.

In either good or bad, karma will prevail.

Directed by Jigz F. Recto


Director: Vincent NiƱo
Cast: Mark Dionisio, Allen Dizon

How true is the saying ... "Love is sacrifice"? How far will you go to show how much you love your partner? This sensual drama depicts the story of an inseparable couple, Delia (Raja Montero) and Felipe (Allen Dizon) trying to cope with the obstacles in life, which later on necessitates him to separate from Delia because of his illness. Bobby (Francis Enriquez), Delia's persistent suitor, on the other hand, favors the separation for he intends to win her back.

This, being their biggest challenge, faces them to prove their true feelings for each other.


Gagawin ang lahat para sumikat. Kahit sariling katawan ang kabayaran,

gagawin para matupad

lamang ang hangad.Hanggang saan ang kayang gawin kung ikaw

ay alipin ng pag-ibig? Tikman.

pasukin. subukan..kaya mo bang tumagal sa mundo ng pelikula?
Handa ka na bang magpa-Booking?

Reel Exposed


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Tagalog Movie

On the outside, Jennifer's (Patricia) life looks perfect: she's beautiful, rich and she has Jimmy (Ian), a wonderful husband.

But, in spite of everything, there remains a wound inside her that refuses to heal.

One day, Archie (Ryan) arrives and the serene world of Jennifer and Jimmy comes to a jolt.

Archie is Jimmy's friend but he too is the man who, in the past, had broken Jennifer's heart.

With Archie around, Jennifer discovers that her incessant pain is caused by her longing for him...

Directed by Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes


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Labing-dalawang buwan... labing dalawang kalalakihan.

Mula enero hanggang disyembre, kikilitiin ang inyong imahinasyon ng mga lahi ni Adan na bubusog sa inyong mga uhaw na mata.

Labing dalawang kalalakihan na handang patunayan ang kanilang kakayahan...

Samahan ang labing dalawang lalaki na sa inyo'y handang magmalaki...

Pinoy Movies - Paupahan

Tagalog Movie

Three unrelated but intertwining stories of characters --all seemingly living dead-- unfold in this anthology of lives of have-nots who have become commodities that are either for sale or for hire.

Gloria (Gloria Romero), caretaker of a rich family's mausoleum, has a simple wish: to be buried beside the tomb of her husband Donato who has long been dead.

Etang (Lui Manansala) the mistress of Gloria's husband continues making life miserable for Gloria.

Dadeng (German Moreno), Gloria's gay neighbor who sells flowers for the dead in funeral parlor, is burdened by the child (of a dead love-of-his-life) now a teen gay Byuti (Kirby de Jesus), an incurable romantic who is head-over-heels in love with Topher (Joseph Bitangcol), later revealed to be a closet "gay".

Estrella Kerubin or Star is Krista Ranillo, a trying-hard who has not stopped dreaming, believing and surviving in a dying showbiz. She'd do anything for her ambition. She even uses her body including to a caretaker (Mon Confiado) who claims connections with the production staff.

Snooky Serna plays the role of Lucinda, mother of Star, whom Star blames for the death of her father.

Lucinda is a broker of kidneys and other vital parts for a fee. While Allen Dizon is Tonio Torres, a male starlet-member of an all-male group called Wild Boys.

Jay Manalo is Roberto San Pedro an ex-convict who gets paroled by a powerful armed group who uses him as an assassin.

Angelu de Leon plays the role of Angela, wife of Roberto, a former public school teacher who lost her job after cracking due to extreme pressure.

Almost all of the above stories are resolved.

Others are open-ended coz that's a reality.

Being treated as a commodity is a hurting truth we have to live by.

Directed by Joven Tan.

* Jay Manalo
* Allen Dizon
* Snooky Serna
* Krista Ranillo
* Angelu de Leon
* Gloria Romero

Filipino Movies - Sexy Footages From Pinoy Movies Vol.01

Tagalog Movie

A collection of never-been-seen cuts from recent & vintage pinoy films!

Ynez Veneracion
Katrina Paula
Allona Amor
Gem Castillo
Camille Roxas
Karla Estrada

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Tagalog Movie

He was already different even before he was born. His eccentric mother took fancy on horses during his conception, and this led to his being born with animal appeal. As he grew up, he became the object of people's curiosity. But the moment he became a full grown man, his strange physical endowment turned him into an object of desire. Girls, and even gays, fell under his incredible wild sex appeal, and he got himself a reputation of being a ladies' man. Until he met the woman who woul d change his life forever.

Jay Manalo
Dindi Gallardo
Sabrina M
Aya Medel
Cyndi Moreno

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